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Tamiya førerhusfjæring

It can independently change the forward and reverse of each servo. Under normal conditions, the rudder The first downward movement direction of the machine transmitted to the car shell through the structural member should be the first time impact The direction is opposite, otherwise it needs to be adjusted by the corresponding channel switch. (Spring is compressed by impact effect) 

The magnitude of the Tamiya cab sensitivity to bumps during driving. The smaller the value, the slower the response. The smaller the floating amount, the larger the value, the more sensitive the response, and the larger the floating amount. (If the vehicle hangs a bomb (The sensitivity is too high, which causes the cab to levitate and self-excited. The sensitivity value should be reduced.)

The length of the cab floating period, the smaller the value, the longer the up and down floating time, the greater the value The larger, the shorter the floating time, the faster the stop (If self-excitation occurs, increasing the damping value may also have Effective inhibition)

Change the frequency of suspension vibration of the Tamiya cab, the smaller the value, the slower the frequency, the larger the value, the faster the frequency Status light: breathing status light synchronized with the floating status of the output

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