Nooxion Broshuis 5+2 hydraulic conversion set


Nooxion Broshuis 2+5 hydraulic conversion set.

Nooxion hydraulic lifting for the Broshuis 2+5, this set has hydraulic lifting for all axels and the gooseneck. This way you can lower the gooseneck or loft the axles of the 2 axle module. This hydraulic lifting set fits all Broshuis 2+5 models we made. You can upgrade your existing model!

Note: the printed suspension parts on the picture will be made from aluminium on the final version.

What do you need; servo receiver, esc controller and #46 oil.

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Broshuis 1:14 trailer

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Hydraulic extension set

This hydraulic set can handle over 65KG axles can be controlled independently so for example you can lift the 2 axle of the 2 axle section if you have no load on to the trailer. Convert your 1/14 Broshuis into a real working horse.

Hydraulic gooseneck

With this hydraulic set conversion set you can also controle your gooseneck and set it the right height  for your truck you can easy switch trucks that has different heights. Or if you use the lowbed you can increase riding height if you come by a bump in the road and need more clearance below your trailer.

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