Nooxion Broshuis trailer extension module 1:14
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Nooxion Broshuis trailer extension module 1:14

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Broshuis Holland 1:14 Scale extension module Heavy Goods Special Trailer fits on Tamiya Trucks including electronics, servos and modular design length 20cm.

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Broshuis 1:14 trailer

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Broshuis Holland extension module for Tamiya 1:14 scale trucks

Nooxion launched a 1:14 low loader model with electronic steering and independent suspension simulation system, with equipment rack on the front a special 5 axle heavy-duty cargo special trailer. This module it a extension for your 2 5 and 5 axle Broshuis Trailer from Nooxion.

Broshuis Holland 1:14 Scale Heavy Goods Special Trailer the Tamiya low loader must have! The Nooxion 2 axle heavy cargo trailer module is designed to to be more realistic than other 1:14 scale trailers.

  • The 2 extension trailer module weighs only 1.1kg and is made of high strength aluminium alloy.
  • Total lenght 20 cm

Hand-made low loader

The low loader is a hand-made realistic precision piece of art. All wheels turn and you can covert your 5 axle trailer lengthening and shortening the trailer 40cm because the Nooxion is build out of modules just like the real low loader. The Nooxion 5 axle trailer fit with all Tamiya truck models.

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Weight2.2 kg
Dimensions36 × 23 × 13 cm

B-Choise (Black), Black, Grey, Custom color