用於照明模塊的 Nooxion 擴展套件

用於照明模塊的 Nooxion 擴展套件


Our new Nooxion Light module is the smallest in the world with this expansion kit you can add more lights to the module. Now you only will have one cable running to your roof top rear or to your trailer for example and easy to disconnect because of the BUS-connection.



The Nooxion expansion module has two light modes headlight mode and taillight mode! This way you can use it for extra headlights or taillights for example to light your trailer or extra lights on the rear of your truck. This expansion set 6 outputs. When DIY transformation, please make sure that the specifications of the single-channal lamp breads are the same otherwise the lamp beads will be burned. A single channel with lamps beads needs to be used in parallel, and there is no need to increase the resistance separately, but the excessive number of lamp beads may reduce the luminous brightness. Use of different modes; When the mode is switched, the headlight mode light flashes once, the taillight mode light flashes twice and the whole system will also self check in the same flashing way when it is powered on. 手動光模塊

這是用於您的 Tamiya rc 卡車的 Nooxion 燈模塊的演示。有關此產品的更多信息,請閱讀手冊。您可以為您的沃爾沃、曼、斯堪尼亞或梅賽德斯使用這些燈。