Broshuis 1:14 container chassis

New Broshuis Chassis in development.

We are very exiting to inform you about our new first Broshuis 1:14 container chassis. First or a wide range of new chassis.

Broshuis 2+5 extension 1:14 Nooxion trailer

New Broshuis module

On many requests we made a new module for our Broshuis 2+5 and 5 axle trailers. Available in a few weeks from now you can already pre order on our website.

New Broshuis 2+5 trailer

We just finished our design of the new 2+5 Broshuis model that will be added to our existing Broshuis 2+5 model range. Broshuis is builds two kind of models with different rear ends we now offer both. So it’s up to you which one you like to drive, have fun!

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